3 Things Your Product or Service Must Have!

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Why is the networking process so important?

Why is it critical that you learn to ask, listen, act, and then believe and receive?

It’s the formula for success.

When you study the formula for success (whether you are selling a product or creating a service), all of us are looking for 3 things…

We want to create a product or service that is:

  1. highly desirable,
  2. uniquely obtainable and
  3. economically irresistible.

If we’re all honest with ourselves, we’ll admit that we don’t often have all 3.

That then creates the question:

How might I obtain all three of these?

Well, my answer is networking and getting really close to your customer.

If you get close to your customer, ask good questions, participate in active listening, and then act on this, you’ll create a product or service that is all 3: highly desirable, uniquely obtainable and economically irresistible.

Think about how this concept applies to your career and your personal life: How do I create my Formula For Success?

This formula does not only apply to seasoned professionals and corporate organizations… It is also important for college students and recent college graduates! This will help you differentiate yourself and land your first ‘real’ job. Watch the video below to learn more:

If you want to go deeper and take this to the next level, click here to learn my top strategies for creating your Formula For Success and then connecting with your top prospects, clients, and customers like never before!

(No longer will you be ignored.  You’ll be welcomed, respected, and the best prospects for your business or job search will be eager to take your call.  You’ll also have access to the best deals and the best connections… even if you’re shy, lack confidence, or don’t like networking.)

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