After Further Review

How Reflection and Action Will Turn Your Somedays Into Today

"After Further Review is a pep talk for anyone in the locker room of life about to head back out onto the playing field. It will challenge you, inspire you, and guide you on a journey toward the life you always wanted."
-Lou Holtz

Joe Sweeney was used to going a mile a minute. A successful sports agent and businessman, he believed that if he didn’t act fast, life would pass him by.

It took slowing down to show Sweeney the truth. It didn’t matter how fast he was going or how successful he became. He needed to decide what he really wanted from life. Putting aside distractions and diversions, Sweeney committed himself to a more purposeful existence, and now, he wants to help you do the same.

In this inspirational guide, Sweeney teaches you how to:

  • stop and reflect on your life,
  • form a game plan for your future,
  • see the big picture,
  • find the wisdom in others,
  • ask the right questions,
  • discover the life you were meant to live, and
  • realize that life has an expiration date.

Fun features like “go to the tape” reflections, “action plan” prompts, and “instant replay” summaries help you internalize his message and transform your life.

"One of the challenges of sports is that we don’t stop to reflect and analyze the consequences of our actions. After Further Review spells out a straightforward approach by using a unique analogy to the game of football and shows how the concepts apply to our everyday lives."
-Craig Leipold

The focus nowadays is always on more.

People fret about making more money, achieving more success, buying more things, and having more fun. What they don’t realize is that all that worrying stops them from receiving what they truly need.

Joe Sweeney knows what it’s like to live life in the fast lane. He was a highly successful businessman, sports agent, and entrepreneur. Sweeney, like many people, developed a smoldering discontent. His success wasn’t making him truly happy, and he was trying to find more meaning and purpose in his life.

In this inspirational book, Sweeney uses sports analogies to guide you to a similar revelation. His wisdom and advice come in the form of reflective questions, interactive exercises, action prompts, and other activities designed to make you think about your own path forward. Sweeney encourages you to start looking for something important, not simply something more.

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"After Further Review is a truly inspiring work that examines cultural, spiritual, and psychological barriers to engaging in reflection that will improve the quality and purpose of life. Joe writes from the heart about struggles with identity and fears of letting go."

-Fr. Tony Zimmer, Pastor, St. Anthony on the Lake

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