Have a Big Enough Why? If So, the How Will Take Care of Itself

In Business, Life by Joe Sweeney

Podcast with Host Ryan Hawk of The Learning Leader Show

Sharing knowledge and experiences are some of the best parts about being a businessman, author, speaker and trainer. I often get asked to participate in various interviews and podcasts to discuss what I’ve learned over the years as well as to share the principles from Networking Is a Contact Sport and Moving the Needle. Over a year ago, I spoke at a LexisNexis event and had the pleasure of meeting Keith Hawk, V.P. of Sales and an incredibly dynamic man. This meeting led to the great opportunity to speak with Keith’s son, Ryan – host of the popular podcast, The Learning Leader Show.

A former college and arena football player and now business executive, Ryan’s podcast focuses on all areas of leadership and personal stories of success, failure and lessons learned along the way. During my chat with him, we touch on:

  • Creating a big enough why, so the how can take care of itself
  • How to avoid some of the biggest networking mistakes
  • Personal and business transitions that may seem insurmountable
  • Why just focusing on your passions may not be enough
  • How you can obtain access to my FREE networking playbook

Listen to my full interview with Ryan Hawk here:

If you’d like to gain much-needed traction at work and in your personal life, or if you face fears in your periods of transition and change, I will show you how to move forward. My book, Moving the Needle, and the corresponding program, The Winning Game Plan, are focused on modifying behavior to reach, sustain, and surpass your objectives.