Joe’s Weekly Tip: Big, Wild, Audacious Goals

In Business, Joe's Weekly Tip, Life by Joe Sweeney

Having big, wild, audacious goals – and visualizing what you’re going to do to make them happen – will take your career and your networking to the next level. My secret on how to land the superstar client or network with top producers is to start networking with people before they get “big.”  The people you network with today could become the superstars of tomorrow and part of your audacious goals.  You can always try to be at the right place at the right time, but life usually doesn’t work that way.  Still, it never hurts your cause to think about what the right place would be!

I challenge you to set a big, wild, audacious goal to develop a relationship with someone who is a superstar to you. Your goals can come to fruition if you believe it’s possible and if you act like it’s already going to happen.

As an added bonus to this week’s weekly tips, download my “Get Out There & Introduce Yourself” worksheet here.