Joe’s Weekly Tip: Build Connections By Identifying Your Shipmate Personality

In Business, Joe's Weekly Tip, Networking by Joe Sweeney

Learning to recognize certain personality traits will help you connect with others, manage people more efficiently and sell to people more effectively. Aligning personality types with those of cruise ship leadership positions can be a helpful tool in regard to managing relationships and personalities.

  • Captain – Leader-types who are used to acting decisively.  They are blunt, bottom-line people who can come across as abrasive at times.
  • Social Director – They seem to know everybody and make great networkers. They motivate others but tend to avoid details and are often disorganized.
  • Steward – The loyal, calm, predictable and deliberate type. They tend to avoid conflict and may miss opportunities.
  • Navigator – Rules are big with navigators who are forever analyzing things because they love being accurate and precise.

Understanding your own shipmate personality along with those of the individuals you are trying to connect with, will give you a better understanding of what motivates and inspires them.

As an added bonus to this week’s weekly tips, download my “Get Out There & Introduce Yourself” worksheet here.