4 Steps To Manage Your Obsession With Busy-ness

In Life by Joe Sweeney

Chronic busy-ness is a side effect of technology and the noise in our lives. Relationships suffer and we lack focus when we become too busy for our own good. Everyone experiences different distractions in life, but a common theme I hear from many individuals and business representatives is their inability to disconnect from technology. For most, unplugging seems to be one of the most difficult tasks toward getting clear. When was the last time you turned off your devices and just sat in silence? Not as easy as it sounds, is it?

Step 1 – Recognize Your Busy-ness
Everyone’s level of busy is different and there are only so many hours in a day. Think about how many hours you work, how many hours of sleep are you getting, and how often you are canceling plans because you have too much going on. Once you recognize your busy-ness, make a commitment to give yourself three things every week: priorities, silence and perspective.

Step 2 – Give Yourself Priorities
Life isn’t meant to feel like a circus. Tune out the noise of everyday demands because not everything can be your top priority. One way to follow your priorities is to only say yes to things that are important to you so that the urgent distractions won’t kidnap your time.  If you decide getting 8 hours of sleep a night is a priority, you can choose to answer your emails in the morning.

Step 3 – Get Silent Daily
Put away your devices and turn off your technology for 2 minutes and work your way up to 10 minutes every morning. You can use this time to reflect on your daily priorities and life goals. Ask yourself the same questions and notice how your answers will change over time.

Step 4 – Gain Perspective
Have you ever met someone who thought being too busy was a badge of honor? Remember that the stories we tell ourselves become reality.  We forget that technology should save us time, not consume it. Choose to use technology in a way that doesn’t perpetuate busy-ness.

Next time you feel the urge to say I’m just too busy for something, ask yourself if you are passing up one of your top priorities for the sake of just feeling busy?  Did you take time that day to be quiet, turn off your devices, and listen to what you want to be focusing on?  When we get quiet, we not only get the clarity to know what to say yes to, we also figure out what to say no to.