Joe’s Weekly Tip: 6 Characteristics of Master Networkers

In Joe's Weekly Tip, Networking by Joe Sweeney

What is a master networker and what does it take to become one?  One of my favorite master networkers is Bud Selig, a Milwaukee native and commissioner of Major League Baseball. Bud, like many great individuals who focus on the principles required to be a good networker, applies these six simple guidelines:

  1. Identify your best advisors and wingmen, and listen to them
  2. Remain upbeat in bad situations
  3. Never lose the common touch, no matter what their position in life may be
  4. Approach networking as a place to give and serve
  5. Reach out to others and don’t be afraid to ask
  6. Always follows up on referrals

As an added bonus to this week’s weekly tips, download my “Get Out There & Introduce Yourself” worksheet here.