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Bring Joe Sweeney to your Church

In 1530 John Calvin wrote, "Our wisdom . . . consists almost entirely of two parts: the knowledge of God and of ourselves. But as these are connected together by many ties, it is not easy to determine which of the two precedes and gives birth to the other." Calvin was right—knowing and understanding yourself is harder today than ever. The message of After Further Review is all about slowing down and taking a good hard look at all God is doing in you—and through you.

After Further Review is a message that will bring people together, build into them, and ultimately help build the Church that captures their hearts and minds.

In the video below, Joe shares why his keynote talks and the principles shared in After Further Review can help draw people in and build a congregation:


Joe is uniquely gifted at speaking to various groups of people… from business leaders to sports enthusiasts. Joe uses his experience, storytelling, and light-hearted style to draw listeners in and drive home ideas that result in life-transformation.

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"After Further Review is a truly inspiring work that examines cultural, spiritual, and psychological barriers to engaging in reflection that will improve the quality and purpose of life. Joe writes from the heart about struggles with identity and fears of letting go."
Fr. Tony Zimmer | Pastor, St. Anthony on the Lake