Reaching Business Professionals in Your Church

with Joe Sweeney

My industry was sports, but make no mistake, it was all business. For better or worse, professional athletics is a full contact business. I felt the pressure of driving next quarter's earnings, often neglecting my family, making decisions that impacted many individuals, and surviving on a perpetual merry-go-round of “what’s next.” Personally, the rewards of business turned me into an accumulation junkie that just wanted more. 

After this God-adventure I still love the excitement of business, but God has reshaped how I measure success. It’s no longer about me but rather how I can steward the success I enjoy while learning from the failures. My success no longer has me at the center of the dial, but rather—others.

I believe the message of After Further Review can reshape what it looks like to be a business leader in your church. Just like sports, education, or any vocation, business can be a platform to do good… just so happens my motivation for doing good begins and ends at The Cross. —Joe Sweeney

Business leaders are different in every church, city and region and you know the men and women you are working to engage.

Talk now with Joe to create the right event to capture the hearts and minds of the business leaders in your community.

The investment for your church…

The only investment for your church is the time and effort you put into the event… as well as a venue and any extras. We have found the best venue is a room where people can get comfortable and creative – perhaps a fellowship hall, a youth facility, retreat center, etc...

We ask each attendee to personally invest $30 in the event which includes a copy of Joe’s book, After Further Review, a conference playbook, reflection journal, and other downloadable tools. We have found that when men and women have skin in the game, it results in a higher likelihood of life change.

"After Further Review is a truly inspiring work that examines cultural, spiritual, and psychological barriers to engaging in reflection that will improve the quality and purpose of life. Joe writes from the heart about struggles with identity and fears of letting go."
Fr. Tony Zimmer | Pastor, St. Anthony on the Lake