Drawing Men to Your Church Through Sports

with Joe Sweeney

Some would say that the future of our churches depends on capturing the hearts and minds of our men. Typically, when God grabs a hold of a man’s heart he brings his family with him on the journey. After Further Review is a message for a man’s heart that is built around sports stories and analogies but drives deep into how a man can having a meaningful life… all pointing back to our connection with God.


I’m a recovering sports management and business guy (my craziest role was that of Brett Favre’s agent – what a ride that turned out to be.) Over decades I learned to talk to the same kinds of men who might come to church occasionally with their wife but aren’t really engaged.

I would love nothing more than to give your church a reason to bring those men together around life lessons wrapped up in football and sports analogies. Using sports, I challenge men with the idea of listening and communicating with God, the role community can play in your life and spiritual walk, the role of mentors to disciple you in whatever you are working toward, the importance of living a life of generosity, and how to put yourself in the shoes of others to gain a glimpse of the world from another’s vantage point. 

Throughout After Further Review, Joe works to get men off the sidelines and into the game… which includes being fully engaged in a local church.

What does it look like to bring Joe Sweeney to your church?

You know the rhythms of your region or city. Are you in a college football town, or are you all about the NFL? When can the engaged men of your church get the unengaged men to a join them for a high-energy fun event?

Talk now with Joe to create the right event to capture the hearts and minds of the men you are working to engage.

The investment for your church…

The only investment for your church is the time and effort you put into the event… as well as a venue and any extras. We have found the best venue is a room where people can get comfortable and creative – perhaps a fellowship hall, a youth facility, retreat center, etc...

We ask each attendee personally invest $30 in the event which includes a copy of Joe’s book, After Further Review, a conference playbook, reflection journal, and downloadable tools from Joe. We have found that when men and women have skin in the game, it results in a higher likelihood of life-change.

"After Further Review is a truly inspiring work that examines cultural, spiritual, and psychological barriers to engaging in reflection that will improve the quality and purpose of life. Joe writes from the heart about struggles with identity and fears of letting go."
Fr. Tony Zimmer | Pastor, St. Anthony on the Lake