3 “Why” Questions That Will Help You Get Clear

In Life by Joe Sweeney

Asking “why” can be an important first step to finding clarity and getting back on track toward the important things you would like to accomplish in life. The question “why” can play a critical role in managing what pulls us away from what is important, and propel us forward toward our goals. If you feel frustrated and unfocused, try asking yourself three questions to clear your mind to set yourself up for success.

Why are you waiting?
Life moves quickly, don’t wait long to make your move.  If you feel yourself stalling there may be a reason for it.  Do you not feel prepared or have your priorities changed? Asking yourself “why” will help you identify the hurdle and ultimately help you get past it. There will never be a perfect time to act so get focused and get moving.

Why is it important to you?
Asking why something is important to you will uncover your motivation and help you define your goals. You can also use this strategy to figure out what motivates others. If you don’t get a direct answer, keep asking because when you find a big enough WHY, the HOW to takes care of itself.

Why are you too busy?
Check out the 4 Steps to Manage Your Obsession With Busy-ness and figure out if you’re too busy for your own good. It may be the way you use technology or the idea of being busy that’s keeping you from achieving your goals. It’s important to concentrate on your top priorities to get clear, get focused and achieve your goals.


Make it a habit to silence your busy life and to ask yourself these three questions often. You’ll notice how reflecting on your goals will positively impact your daily life and you’ll feel more focused and productive.