A Personal Reflection on The Honor Foundation

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When Joe Musselman called and asked if I would be interested in speaking to The Honor Foundation, an organization which bridges military and private sector careers through an innovative transition program created for members of the Special Operations Forces community, I was willing and open to offer a helping hand.

I have always had an interest in the Navy SEALs and have admired their dedication and commitment to become elite warriors. I was always intrigued by the characteristics and traits it takes to become a Navy SEAL.

I have taught eight classes and workshops in twenty months at The Honor Foundation, and I have walked away with an entirely new perspective of these modern day heroes. My time at The Honor Foundation was a game changer for me that will impact my life forever. I thought I would fly to San Diego and share a few insights on how to make a meaningful transition with my program titled “Tradition in Transition.” I came away with far more material and insights from spending several days with the Navy SEALs than I ever gave to them. Their courage, honesty, and sacrifice humbled me beyond words.

The Navy SEAL ethos and mantra of how to live life and serve others has inspired me to become a better person and citizen of the United States. My respect for the SEALs (which was always very high) has grown tremendously since spending time with them this week.

I stand on call to do whatever I can to support the Navy SEALs and their families as they have dedicated their lives to protect us and our liberties and freedoms. God bless these Navy SEALs and The Honor Foundation for what they are doing.

Thank you to Joe Musselman for creating a vehicle for people like myself to help the SEALs and other elite forces in their times of transition.

To learn more about or support The Honor Foundation, please visit their website or take a look at this video, which provides highlights of the program mission.

The Honor Foundation 2014 Highlights from The Honor Foundation on Vimeo.

What is The Honor Foundation experience like for a Navy SEAL? This Navy SEAL describes his first impressions of the organization, his takeaways from Joe’s presentation and what The Honor Foundation has done for him.

Honor Fellow Testimonial: US Navy Senior Chief SEAL from The Honor Foundation on Vimeo.

What are The Honor Foundation classes like? How are the staff? Navy SEAL Dan describes his experience with The Honor Foundation and his key learnings. “My favorite class had to the one with Joe Sweeney. His outlook and the information he gave us on networking was exceptional.”

Honor Fellow Testimonial: US Navy Chief SEAL from The Honor Foundation on Vimeo.

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