Planning For Your Ideal Day

In Life by Joe Sweeney

I’m a big proponent for the real meaning of work life balance.  That is, the only true way to be balanced is to integrate your work and life activities instead of separating them.  This requires you to be aware of all that is going on in your life and being able to make time for it all. To do this successfully, I recommend you take time to plan your ideal week.

Each week I schedule 30 minutes on Sunday evening to plan my ideal week. I ask myself if my obligations align with my goals.  For example, one of my goals is to exercise daily to maintain my health. However, if my obligations for the week have me at the office for 60 hours, I know my week is out of balance. If your goal is to develop your management team or spend more time with your children, make sure you’re planning the time with those people in your life to achieve your goal. This also keeps you from being too busy for your own good. Often known as “sloppy busy” when what we are doing doesn’t ALIGN with our core goals and objectives.


Scheduling tip:

A healthy lifestyle should be part of everyone’s weekly plan.  Whether it’s having time to eat a good breakfast or 45 minutes for a run.  Exercise is a great way to clear your mind and focus on yourself to regain your energy.  An easy way to make time for this is to schedule “FEW” meetings during the week. FEW meetings remind me to be eating proper food, exercise and drink more water.  Can you imagine the positive changes if you were able to make better decisions about just the food you eat the amount of water you drink in a week? Take that 30-minute meeting with yourself to reflect, get quiet and focus on healthy decisions.

You can plan your ideal day, week, month and year. Just like any successful business, planning will be the key to a lifetime of success.  Budget your time based on your priorities and you’ll notice a difference.

What goals are you setting for yourself to stay focused on creating a life that makes you happy?