The Real Secret to Sales & Business

(It's not what you think it is.)

Does this sound familiar...

  • dreading every time the quarterly sales numbers are released?
  • scurrying at the end of the year just to meet quota?
  • looking at an empty dried up sales pipeline?
  • just missing out on those big time bonus commissions?

Trust me, you're not alone.

But whether you like it or not...

Your current situation is a direct result of your ability to communicate and connect with people.

While some people may seem to be 'better at it' than others, this is a learned skill you can train and improve on.

If your sales are low, you're struggling to meet quota, or are tired of not being able to move your prospects to customers, keep reading...


Hi, I'm Joe Sweeney...

I've been fortunate to have some incredible opportunities throughout my career, including:

  • building and selling 4 manufacturing companies...
  • starting a successful sports marketing agency (and representing athletes like Brett Favre)
  • running an investment banking firm
  • and much more...

When I reflect on some of the greatest experiences in my life, it all comes back to one thing:

Networking and Connecting with Others

This led me to write the book Networking Is a Contact Sport.

Since that book became a New York Times best-seller, I have enjoyed speaking and consulting with high performing teams and organizations around the world on the topics of networking, human connection, and personal/professional development.

Here's a few of the companies I've had the opportunity to work with:


While the book was a great tool and helped many people, it's time to go deeper.

Many of you have asked for more in-depth training on how to implement what is in the book.

(Not to mention, networking has changed dramatically since the book was published in 2010.)


Success in business (and in life) depends on your ability to connect deeply with people and build strong relationships. This new 16-module online course will teach you the strategies and give you the tools to supercharge your ability to communicate, network and foster relationships in your career and in your personal life.

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4 Reasons You Must Start Now

Here are the 4 things this course will provide to create real, lasting change in your business:

  1. A Mindset Shift Around Networking
  2. The Simple 4-Step Process To Building Relationships
  3. Real Life Examples of Companies and Individuals Experiencing Tremendous Success Using This System
  4. Tangible Tools and Skills to Implement This System Immediately!
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Results... Immediately!

The ideas, strategies and tools provided in this course can be implemented immediately and you can start seeing improvements in your ability to network and connect with others instantly.

However, be patient as building trust and developing relationships takes time. Don’t rush this process and remember...

Networking is a place where you go to give and serve... not get.

Stop viewing networking as something you are 'required' to do. It is something that should constantly be nurtured and taken seriously, and as a result, your relationships in both business and in life will flourish and bring you greater happiness and fulfillment.

Networking is more than a task. It's a foundation for life.

Here's a quick 2-minute preview of the course:

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What Others Are Saying...

Joe explains what’s common in all successful people. It’s the importance of networking.

Darren Hardy

Darren Hardy

Publisher of SUCCESS Magazine

Joe Sweeney’s networking skills helped to significantly increase my off the field income.

Brett Favre

Brett Favre

3x MVP & NFL Legend

Joe Sweeney has shown that no matter your background, there are universal keys to successful networking.

Virgis Colbert

Virgis Colbert

Retired Executive VP, Miller Brewing Company

This easy-to-follow, actionable 16-module online course is ready for you to start right now...

Are you ready to take action?

(...or will you continue spinning your wheels wondering why you’re not getting more leads, generating more sales, and growing your business?)

Right now, you have a choice:

Invest in yourself and get the tools and training you need to build the relationships that will take your business to another level!

...or do nothing and continue:

  • dreading every time the quarterly sales numbers are released
  • scurrying at the end of the year just to meet quota
  • looking at an empty dried up sales pipeline

Think of it this way:

What are you missing out on by not investing in yourself and putting Joe’s battle-tested, proven training to work for you?

If you're still not sure that this is for you... You are covered by our 30 Day 'No Questions Asked' Money Back Guarantee.

If you complete the course and implement the tools and strategies in your daily routines within 30 days and do not see a shift in your networking, we will refund your investment in this course 100%. No questions asked.


PLUS: If you join today, you'll also receive instant access to these bonuses:

Bonus #1:

Exclusive Networking Playbook

Use this as you go through the course to take notes, answer key questions, and develop your system!

Bonus #2:

7 Networking Secrets Report

This report reveals what the most successful networkers in the world do.

Bonus #3:

Networking On-The-Go

Listen anytime, anywhere... on the way your next prospect lunch, sales presentation, or networking event!

Bonus #4:

4 Exclusive Bonus Videos

Bonus Video #1: Rules to Break In Networking (Make sure you are breaking these 15 rules regularly.)

Bonus Video #2: How To Expand Your Network (Don't miss this one!)

Bonus Video #3: Networking in a Social Media World (In an ever changing marketplace, it's important to understand how and when you must adapt.)

Bonus Video #4: Networking from Scratch (A must watch if you're just getting started... or just moved into a new market!)

Bonus #5:

The Ultimate Networking Toolbox

Download these tools. Make copies. Use them in your daily sales and prospecting routines.

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This course features more than 2.5 hours of video based training, segmented into 16 Modules and 4 Exclusive Bonus Videos. The videos are quick, easy to consume, and action oriented.

Some of the principles, strategies and tools covered in this course include:

  • The Real Secret of Great Networkers
  • Understanding Our 3 Basic Needs
  • The 4 Step Approach to Great Networking
  • Joe’s Formula for Success
  • The 5-10-15 Plan for Identifying, Generating & Converting Prospects
  • The Sweeney 22 Networking Tool
  • Your Personal Action Plan
  • and much more...

This course will give you the tools, strategies and confidence to go out and network and connect with people like never before. I know how much of a game changer this has been in my career, and that is why I have invested a significant amount of time and energy into producing the best training possible.

Most people who struggle are lacking a system, and this is exactly what this course will provide... a proven, easy-to-use system that works, and works fast.

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