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If You Can Follow A Simple System, I Can Get You Swamped With So Many New Connections, Clients, Or Job Opportunities You’ll Never Need To “Prospect” Again

“I’ve gotten Bob Costas to come to Milwaukee (in the middle of winter)…become the “wingman” to the archbishop of New York…taken Brett Favre’s off-the-field income from $65,000 to more than $4 million…all thanks to the power of networking.”

“Now, for the first time, I’m revealing my simple networking system.  It’s 16 modules (short – you can watch all of them in an afternoon and start using my system today) designed to show you how you too can create incredible, life-changing results (gain connections, prestige, and access to “big” deals and clients).  And it works especially well for people who don’t like networking!”

Dear Friend,

If you want to easily make your sales quotas, have a lot more fun doing business, and don’t want to chase prospects that ignore your emails or phone calls, then this will be the most important letter you ever read.

My name is Joe Sweeney.

I’m a New York Times Best-Selling author and a speaker, and my specialty is networking.  I’m known as a “super-connector” who works with big name clients and always has the “inside track” on the biggest deals in town.

I learned about networking early on from being born into a big family.

You see, I was the youngest of 9 boys.

Have you heard of a book called The Birth Order?  The book talks about the traits of oldest child, youngest child, and middle child.  And it’s said that the youngest feel like they never get enough attention.

Now when you think about it the youngest probably gets the most attention.  But, as I reflect back on my childhood, what I really craved was to be RESPECTED by my older brothers.  Being the youngest, that’s hard.

The Story That Changed My Life

My 3rd oldest brother Tim was a walk on quarterback for the legendary Coach Eric Parseghian of The University of Notre Dame.  Here’s a coach who transcended college football.  Not only was he on the cover of every sports publication, but he even made the cover of time magazine.

A few of my brothers were at the seminary there as well.  So at Christmas time, my father packed up the family and we went to Notre Dame.  While we were there we went to the Newt Rockney Centre to go swimming.  I was first out and saw the name of Coach Eric Parshghian listed on the third floor.  I can’t tell you to this day what compelled me, but I sprinted up three flights of stairs, knocked on the door of this legendary coach’s office and was able to see him for five minutes.

In that conversation I asked him if he would give my brother a scholarship!  He smirked and said “I’ll see what I can do.”

I came back downstairs and my brothers were looking for me, they said "Where were you?"  I said "I was up talking to Coach Parseghian" and they said, “Yeah right!  What were you talking to him about?”  I said I was negotiating a scholarship for my brother Tim.  They said “You did not.”  So I took all my brothers up and introduced them to this legendary coach.

The A-HA moment happened in my life as we were walking back to the seminary and all my brothers were high-fiving me.  The reason they were high-fiving me?  It was the first time in my life I was making a difference and a contribution to our family – I was trying to help my brother Tim get a scholarship by networking.

What I learned from that was the beauty and the secret to great networking:

Networking is a place we go to give and serve – not get.

I’ve since used this principle to…

  • build and sell 4 manufacturing companies...
  • start a successful sports marketing agency (and represent athletes like Brett Favre)
  • run an investment banking firm
  • and much more...

Let’s get one thing straight:

I don’t like networking.

I don’t like what it represents.

We all get a visual of some alpha male chasing you around with his business card.  But that’s not what true networking is.

When you learn networking the way I’m going to show you, not only will you have a lot more fun, but real miracles will happen for you in your life.

No longer will you be ignored.  You’ll be welcomed, respected, and the best prospects for your business or job search will be eager to take your call.  You’ll also have access to the best deals and the best connections.  All of this even if you’re shy, lack confidence, or don’t like networking.

That’s because my networking method is based on two powerful ideas:

(1)  Networking is about GIVING FIRST (not trying to get).

(2) You need tools and a simple system to follow.


Here are the 4 things this course will provide to create real, lasting change in your business:

  1. A Mindset Shift Around Networking
  2. The Simple 4-Step Process To Building Relationships
  3. Real Life Examples of Companies and Individuals Experiencing Tremendous Success Using This System
  4. Tangible Tools and Skills to Implement This System Immediately!
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Here’s some of secrets you’ll discover inside The Deluxe Networking Course:

  • The incredible networking secret (used by both Bud Selig and Mother Teresa) that lets you easily connect with and sell even the coldest prospects
  • 11 ways to make networking and business so much fun you can’t help but win
  • The key to becoming a master networker (first discovered by the philosophers of ancient Greece, and expanded by clinical psychologists) that lets anyone easily create instant rapport with their best prospects, joint venture partners, even a future employer
  • The simple shift that will release your inner networking champion – even if you never shake another person’s hand
  • Why the stories most people reveal about themselves are dead wrong. We tend to highlight our successes but if you really want to form a connection it’s better to be vulnerable and say something disarming (exactly how and when to do this explained)
  • The common mindset many people start with that kills their business, networking and selling results (what it is and how to avoid it)
  • A little habit most of us have which is unconscious but harms our relationships
  • One weird trick for how to own any room you walk into and immediately be recognized as an influencer
  • The simple networking checklist (used by media professionals and super-connectors) that you should never leave home without
  • An easy-to-follow game plan for becoming the top producer in your company
  • The one thing every person needs but never knew they did…and how you can give it to them to make yourself more persuasive, attractive and charming
  • A built in “easy button” to build so much relationship capital that your contacts can’t help but do business with you, or refer business to you
  • One thing you should NEVER do if your goal is to stand out above the crowd and have people see your product or service as unique and desirable (and the famous and outrageously successful advertising campaign that proves it)
  • Why no doesn’t mean no: high-level strategies for turning your dream client’s no into a yes, without feeling like a pest or making a fool of yourself…in fact, knowing this you’ll be able to…

Make Following Up FUN And Not A Chore!

This is no joke.

I’ve used these strategies time and time again and they work so well that what you’ll learn in this one section could be worth your investment in the Deluxe Networking Course all on its own.  I’ll give you a hint: the key is knowing where to look and using a little imagination.  Here’s what Bob Costas had to say about my method:

Would you like to be able to reach and work with high-level people like Bob?

In Module 4, I break down for you exactly how I do this.  Ok, here are a few more secrets you’ll find inside the Deluxe Networking Course:

  • A powerful tool for “profiling” your top ten prospects so you know exactly how target them, get their attention, and sell even the most resistant among them
  • Two things you must do to get the proverbial foot in the door with a tough prospect…and why failing to do these two things is a surefire recipe for getting your calls, emails, and letters ignored
  • How to land a superstar client just like I did with Brett Favre
  • What a retired Navy Seal told me about their infamous “hell week” for recruits that can make your networking easier, more fun, and more productive
  • The #1 worst mistake you can make when talking to high-level connections (even if you do everything else “right”, game-changing opportunities will slip through your fingers if you make this common mistake nobody talks about)
  • The 7 second rule for getting yourself to take action
  • The strange way of following up that defies what almost every sales expert teaches (you’ll be amazed at how much more productive you are when you do it this way)
  • The unique networking approach that landed me at dinner with the president and Barbara Bush…very counterintuitive at first, but if you grasp this idea it will be a huge A-HA moment for you (Module 8)
  • Why networking is about much more than going to events (and how to reorient yourself for going after the highest priority opportunities)
  • 3 methods used by the world’s leading companies to position your product or service so it’s practically irresistible to your prospect (and how Apple does all three to perfection!)
  • A little known technique for doing research on a prospect that allows you to speak directly to their most urgent needs that keep them up at night so they eagerly want to hear about your service or offer
  • How to make yourself economically irresistible to where it becomes a no-brainer for people to do business with you or hire you
  • The 5-10-15 plan that ensures there’s always more demand for you, your product, or your service than there is of you to go around, and…

Puts YOU In The Driver’s Seat of Every Sales Conversation!

Many clients have told me the 5-10-15 changed the way they do business.  It’s more than a tactic, it’s a daily method of operation that has caused both my productivity and my revenues from my various businesses to skyrocket.  And the best part is it takes less than 30-minutes a day! This is so important that I’ve dedicated Module 11 to showing you exactly how I use this.

Let’s keep going with some more of what you’ll get in the Deluxe Networking Course:

  • The one thing I believe every person in business MUST have and in my experience can make the difference between and great career and a so-so career
  • How to turn your weak points into strengths without learning a single new skill (your competition does not want you getting your hands on this one, people who have this in their network win)
  • The secret to having your “ear to the ground” so you never miss another deal (instead the deals find you)! (Module 14)
  • How to increase your energy by “breaking up” with the bottom 30% of your least helpful contacts…most people find this hard to do but one of the most rewarding things you’ll ever do for yourself is get space from the time and energy vampires on your list of friends and clients…included is a simple exercise for how to do this (Module 12)
  • Insights into the usefulness (and handicaps) of social networking sites: how to network in a Facebook or Twitter world
  • How to get (and why you need) a wingman and profiles of other master networkers
  • A simple networking strategy that, if you’re not currently doing it, is costing you sales (I used this strategy in the investment banking space to guarantee I was the first person on the doorstep of the hottest prospects… who were both grateful and relieved to meet with me)
  • How to get the top salespeople in your organization to mentor you
  • The $5 investment that turned into hundreds of thousands in revenue and a lifelong client (not only will you laugh when you realize how simple this is, but the best part is it’s not a “trick”…rather, it’s a principle that has enriched my life immensely, and it can do the same for you!)
  • The three letters that ensure you make an unforgettable first impression every time (do this well and they’ll even tell all their friends about you)
  • A brief exercise that lets you enter every networking situation with bags of confidence (never again will you feel dread at going to events or parties, you’ll even look forward to them and get noticed as well)…also, how to unlock your natural charm and charisma
  • 4 simple rules that guarantee your networking efforts pay you back tenfold…how to instantly create rapport with high-level business people and celebrities by asking them one (almost laughably simple) question…the secret to being perceived as high status no matter what room you’re in…how to do more deals by saying less..the “rocking chair test” that lets you make the most out of your networking…how to use my networking system to land “big” deals or your next big job offer…your 1-page personal action plan to succeed with my networking system…and more!

Ok, so here’s the deal…

The Deluxe Networking Course retails for $1,997 but if you take action today, it will be only $997..  That’s a drop in the bucket compared to what seminar attendees have paid to hear me speak.  You’ll get the proven tools, 16 short modules you can put into action today, and access across all devices for easy reference.

Plus, if at any time – for the rest of your life – you don’t absolutely love the Deluxe Networking Course (for any reason) I’ll refund you NO QUESTIONS ASKED.  It’s a simple as sending me a refund request email to  I don’t care if it’s ten years from now, either.

Simply put, this course MUST give you absolute certainty that you will dramatically “level up” your network and your business…

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Bonus #1:

Exclusive Networking Playbook

This exclusive bonus is not available for purchase anywhere. It lists my best time-tested plays for scoring more business than you ever thought possible. You’ll discover the secrets to ending the pattern of “feast or famine” (or just famine – in some cases) and how to quickly fill the pipeline with high-quality prospects who are eager to talk to you.

Yours free – if you buy The Deluxe Networking Course today.

Bonus #2:

7 Networking Secrets Report - Generate More Leads. Make More Sales. Close More Deals.

You'll never view networking the same again. This jam-packed, 9-page report has helped sales professionals, business owners, and entrepreneurs to ignite their performance, their business, and their quality of life.

It includes:

  • 3 ways to “ask” in order to sell more & have more fun (how I’ve used them to attract my dream clients and do deals with celebrities)
  • A simple, one-question exercise (inspired by the work of Wayne Dyer) for getting over your excuses and banishing your dread of networking events
  • The secret to forever standing out from the swarm of sales people clamoring for your prospect’s attention (HINT: if you know how to use Google, or have a LinkedIn or Facebook account, you can easily do this)
  • The little-known “final” test of your networking skills and how to pass it with flying colors (even if you do nothing else but this, you’ll 10x your ability to do business with your best prospects)

Bonus #3:

Networking On-The-Go

Get the audio downloads of all 16 modules of The Deluxe Networking Course so you can listen on-the-go…turn travel time into learning time…or listen to any module for key reminders on the way to your next prospect lunch, sales presentation, or networking event!

Bonus #4:

4 Exclusive Bonus Videos

  • Rules To Break In Networking (if you are not regularly breaking these 16 rules you are shooting yourself in the foot when it comes to building a high-powered network that lets you do more and bigger deals)
  • How To Expand Your Network (it’s not just who you know, it’s who knows YOU…how to become the trusted, go-to authority in your industry)
  • Networking In A Social Media World (no question…social media has changed networking.  This video shows you how you can keep up without getting caught up and wasting time on methods that don’t work)
  • Networking From Scratch (ideal for anyone just getting started…or if you’re new in your market...or if you need to quickly fill the pipeline with new, high-quality leads)

Bonus #5:

The Ultimate Networking Toolbox

The second commandment of my networking course is you need a simple system to follow.

With these tools you can massively increase your success from your daily sales and prospecting efforts.  The time you’ll save, and the productivity you’ll gain from this one toolbox alone is easily worth more than your entire investment today.

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One more thing before I go:

This course is not for everyone. For example, people who never take action on their own (and need constant hand-holding) should not bother signing up.  Or those who expect to get rich quick for little-to-no effort.

There are tools, tips and strategies in the course that will make an immediate impact on your results... but the greatest benefits from networking accrue over time.

If you’re ready to take consistent action to level-up your network and your life, then you’ll be right at home inside the Deluxe Networking Course.

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Joe explains what’s common in all successful people. It’s the importance of networking.

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Joe Sweeney’s networking skills helped to significantly increase my off the field income.

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Brett Favre

3x MVP & NFL Legend

Joe Sweeney has shown that no matter your background, there are universal keys to successful networking.

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Retired Executive VP, Miller Brewing Company
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