Joe’s Weekly Tip: Five Quick Tools For Becoming a Networking Pro

In Joe's Weekly Tip, Networking by Joe Sweeney

Networking takes practice and skill. Consider these five tips as you continue to practice your networking skills.

Remember: Any time you’re out in public, especially at a social event, it is the perfect time to make connections with others.

  1. Always keep your eye out for networking opportunities, whether you’re at work or at play.
  2. When you attend a party, reception or networking opportunity, act as if you’re the host. Take time to introduce people to each other and make sure others are having a good time. Those at the party will gravitate toward you because they want to be near the “host.”
  3. Resist the urge to butt in to someone else’s conversation. However, make eye contact, and patiently wait for the contact to draw you into his or her circle.
  4. Become good at learning names. Never forget that one of the most impressive things you can do to become a good networker is to remember someone’s name.
  5. Do your research – prior to a networking, business or social event, review the expected attendees and make a note of individuals who are on your must-meet list. Use social channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. to get some background knowledge on their business and personal details. This will be a great tool to give you confidence in approaching these individuals and starting a conversation.

As an added bonus to this week’s weekly tips, download my “Get Out There & Introduce Yourself” worksheet here.