3 Ways Real Estate Professionals Can Use Video to Build Loyalty & Referrals

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In today’s highly competitive real estate market, clients can easily research multiple agents in minutes online. This is why increasing your influence through networking is essential – a personal referral is still more powerful than Google. Video is a way that you can network 24/7 with anyone, anywhere – even those on the other side of the country, or world. It’s a unique way to keep in touch with your loyal past clients, and demonstrate your knowledge to future prospects.

Not sure where to start using video in your strategy? Here are 3 of my best video marketing ideas for real estate agents:

1. Question and answer videos: As a real estate expert, it may be easy to forget that others often don’t have the same amount of industry knowledge as you. Be generous and share your expertise. Remember to always start these videos with a particular problem or pain that your client may be experiencing. Explain why they are experiencing this problem before you jump right into your solution.

Unsure of what questions to answer? Think back to a complex or interesting recent sale, and make a case study video. You can also scan forums like redditAsk Metafilter, and Quora to see what real estate questions come up again and again. You can make these videos even more valuable by partnering with subject matter experts like contractors and inspectors, who can then share these videos with their networks as well.

2. Housing market update videos: This is a way to answer the questions that almost everyone is curious about: What is my current house worth, and what can I get for my money right now? These videos can help capture an important category of new prospects – those who are in the research stage, and not quite ready to list or buy. Share your housing market update videos with your previous customers, allowing them to easily pass this valuable information on to contacts who may be looking to make a move soon. The only drawback of market update videos is that they do have a relatively short lifespan and can quickly become outdated. However, if you create a consistent method for recording these videos, they should be relatively quick and simple to create.

3. Selling something specific: The best way to work within a certain neighborhood is to perform interviews with neighborhood association leaders, explore local amenities, events, and schools. These evergreen videos are a great way to narrow your focus to a specific area and demographic, or ideal type of client. Who were your favorite clients? Where did they want to live? What questions and interests did they have? Address those, and you will attract more of that same type of client. You can use also use this idea to explore non-geographic areas that you want to specialize in, such as historic homes, new construction, country club homes, vacation homes, or a specific style like mid-century modern architecture. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to work with more clients who share your areas of personal interest?

Creating videos that align with your areas of expertise and interest is a great way to organically acquire more of the exact type of referral that you want. Use this powerful networking tool as a way to build stronger relationships. If you want to learn more about reframing the way you connect with people, download my free Networking Success Playbook.

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