Weekend Retreat with Joe Sweeney

"Investing 2 days with Joe Sweeney was the best decision I ever made for both my life and my business."

What do the Navy SEALs, GE, Wells Fargo, UW Men’s Basketball and over 100 small business entrepreneurs have in common?

They’ve tested Joe’s principles... and they worked.

Joe Sweeney has been helping others benefit from all he has learned about building rewarding relationships and successful businesses. For more than 30 years, Joe has traveled the world asking questions, giving of himself, and doing his best to discover what motivates people.

Now, you have an opportunity to learn the simple skills Joe has perfected to grow your business, expand your influence, and take both your professional and personal success to the next level. Join Joe for two days of in-depth reflection and laser-focused action, discussion, and workshops.

Throughout Joe’s experience providing professional retreats to executives and individuals, he realized that most people have never been taught the power that habit change has on fostering an ability to get clear, get free, and get going.

Most people know the effect habit change can have on personal goals such as eating healthy, exercising more, and stressing less... but even small habit changes can have an incredible impact on professional lives as well.

In Joe’s personalized and action-oriented retreats, he will lead a small group through step-by-step exercises and discussions that dig deeper into the principles in his books. You will walk away with tips and daily exercises to help change habits and behaviors that will keep you moving toward personal and professional goal lines.

Retreat Elements:

Committing to success is as simple as changing human behavior. Joe’s training and development retreat will provide the necessary time-tested tools to help you grow your business, expand your influence and take both professional and personal success to the next level.

1) Two Power-Packed Presentations:

Joe’s presentations will help lay the foundation for great leadership, business, sales, and personal development. His talk will inspire, motivate, and change the mindset of how you look at networking, sales, marketing, leadership, and business development.

Featured topics include:

» Networking Is a Contact Sport

» Moving the Needle

2) Two Personalized & Action-Oriented Workshops:

Through his personalized workshop, Joe will provide you with additional tools and immediate action items to sharpen your networking, goal planning, and implementation skill sets.

3) Networking Playbook:

A robust workbook with corresponding audio instruction to help you score more business than you ever thought possible. Exercises include the 5-10-15 plan, a personal accountability system that will provide an effective road map for planning each workday, and more.

4) Moving the Needle Workbook:

A results-focused workbook with corresponding exercises that will help you get clear, get free, and get going in your work and personal life. Exercises include the Winning Action Plan, a goal-setting exercise that helps determine the participant’s level of motivation, steps to take action, momentum management, and more.

5) Winning Game Plan - Online Course:

Access to a dynamic, online 16-lesson (16 week) online video program with corresponding exercises to help you get clear, get free, and get going as you create a path to identifying, understanding, and achieving your most significant goals.

6) Post-Program Consultation:

60 days following the completion of Joe’s program, you will be given the opportunity to take part in a personalized video conference with Joe to share insights, challenges, successes, and ask follow-up questions.

Who is the Weekend Retreat for?
  • Individuals
  • Business Owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Corporate Executives
  • Athletic Directors

“I found the retreat to be very informative, and Joe gave me a lot of ideas to make this the best year ever. I plan to review the handouts often and make sure I am staying on top of these items. Joe was organized, knowledgeable, prepared, energized, compelling, and provided some powerful real life examples and advice. He was terrific.”

Here’s a brief overview of what you'll experience at Joe's Weekend Retreat:

Day #1

Want to take your performance to the next level? Unlock your true potential with Joe’s powerful and time tested networking messages. Joe will cover the concepts from his New York Times bestseller, Networking Is a Contact Sport, and dive deeper into each chapter guiding you through concrete exercises giving you the skills to help grow your business and expand your influence.

When Joe Sweeney wrote this book, his goal was simple: help others benefit from all he has learned about building rewarding relationships and successful businesses.

Ever since he was young, Joe has been obsessed with the art of studying human behavior. The biggest key takeaway from his reflections on this topic have been the importance of helping others get the things they want most out of life. When individuals step away from the mindset of entitlement and move to one of gratitude, everything becomes clear. When people approach someone with the mindset of giving with no expectations of what they will receive in turn – they WILL get everything they want out of life and more.

Topic Overview:

  • Becoming Master Networkers: How do we build stronger relationships with team members, coaches, professors, clients and prospects?
  • Understanding Others’ Needs
  • Getting Into the Right Mindset
  • Four Steps to Better Personal & Professional Development
  • Top Five Networking Tools
  • Locating Your Networks

Day #2

Do you need to Get Clear, Get Free, and Get Going in Your Career, Business, and Life? Joe will show you how to put action plans into place, become accountable, and ultimately, achieve your goals. If you’ve been hoping to gain much-needed traction at work and in your personal life, then Joe Sweeney will show you how to move forward. Joe will cover topics from Moving the Needle and guide participants through small group training and workshops to create their Best Year Ever.

Moving the needle can happen in everyday life. You have to be committed to continuous improvement and also to developing systems that help create game changers in your daily life. It isn’t always that large order in business or the big promotion. It can be done when practices are put into place to get quiet, get centered, enjoy simple things in life, and take pleasure in experiencing special moments that life presents.

Topic Overview:

  • Moving the Needle - Key to Career & Life
  • Get Clear, Get Free, & Get Going
  • The Winning Action Plan
  • Balance & Your Life Mission
  • Time Zones & Paradoxes
  • Planning for Your Ideal Day, Year, & Life

(For groups, Joe will create a custom tailored retreat based on your organization’s specific goals and challenges.)

Joe's Investment Back Guarantee

If you attend Joe's Weekend Retreat and are not satisfied, we'll refund your investment 100%. That's how confident we are that this experience will impact your life in a positive way.

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    “I would endorse this retreat for all sales groups. It was positive from a business and personal standpoint. I am hopeful that not only will I employ a great deal of what was conveyed to us, but that our entire team will embrace the practices and tools Joe passed on.”