“You must provide great content while being entertaining… Joe delivers both!"

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Joe's Clients Include:

"Joe Sweeney will help you and your business move the ball forward."
-Jack Canfield

As an acclaimed speaker, best-selling author, and thought leader on the topics of networking, business and personal development, Joe has delivered keynote presentations and workshops for hundreds of companies, universities, associations, and organizations worldwide.

His talk will inspire, motivate, and change the mindset of how you and your team approach sales and marketing forever. Joe will provide your team members with the tools and strategies to sharpen their networking skill set, which they can start implementing immediately.

Through his 35+ years of experience in business and sports, you'll discover firsthand how working with Joe will enrich both your personal and professional relationships while creating new opportunities for growth.

Why choose Joe for your event, seminar, or personal & professional development training?

  • Much like the guiding principles he explores in his books, Joe develops relationships wherever he delivers a keynote.
  • He is not a transactional speaker.
  • In addition to doing his "homework" prior to an event, Joe likes to arrive early and gets to know the people and organization firsthand so presentations are as personal as possible.
  • Audiences will laugh and cry with his self deprecating humor and real-life stories.
  • You and your colleagues will be engaged by Joe's relaxed, conversational, and motivating approach to life and business development.
  • As a dynamic and down-to-earth professional, Joe’s keynote addresses help grow businesses, expand influence and will make your life richer and more meaningful.
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Here's what Harvey Mackay had to say about Joe Sweeney:

"Joe Sweeney is in the 1% bracket. He has set the standard for doing business ethically and enthusiastically. I heartily recommend that you hire Joe to inspire your people to greater heights."
-Jeffrey Gitomer

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