Joe’s Weekly Tip: Connect With Customers By Taking a Rooting Interest

In Business, Joe's Weekly Tip, Networking by Joe Sweeney

Looking for a sure-fire way to bond with someone you want to get to know better? Maybe you’re looking for a way to show a customer you really care? Here’s a great way to make an impression.

Go to his or her kid’s ball game.

There’s something about standing on the sidelines or sitting in the bleachers together that creates a shared moment between the two of you. I still haven’t forgotten the time when a well-connected Milwaukee CEO, John Arlotta, and his wife, Bobbie, came to my son Conor’s high school football game when the championship was on the line. That happened several years ago, but every time I think of John, I remember how we cheered on the exploits of Conor together.

When you take a rooting interest, you’re building a solid personal relationship. Find an opportunity to bond with someone, even customers, by showing interest in their personal life.